The Next Generation
Brick Slip System

SureBrick, a Forterra innovation, is the next generation
brick slip system and the result of Forterra’s commitment
to modernising and improving building methods.

With a risk-free mechanical fix, SureBrick is the most evolved brick slip system available.

Offering all the benefits of a modern brick slip system but without architectural compromise, SureBrick is capable of delivering design-led projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Lighter weight than traditional masonry, SureBrick is simple to install with no reliance on conventional bricklaying skills. It produces thinner walls so buildings can be better insulated delivering higher levels of thermal performance. It also facilitates a speedier build process than traditional methods, creating buildings that are wind and water-tight earlier in the build program.

SureBrick’s enhanced choice of design and finish options means the system can deliver any required style and can be used in almost every conceivable building type and location.

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