We have a clear strategic vision that enables us to deliver attractive long term shareholder returns. We continue to focus on delivery of this through our three key strategic priorities

Grow capacity, cost efficiency and improved sustainability

The present strength of our business lies in its core and we are committed to the protection and expansion of this core. By investing in expanding and renewing our asset base and through delivering manufacturing excellence we will increase production output, improve cost efficiency and become more sustainable, improving returns for shareholders.

Strategy in action

Desford Brick Factory

The new £95m Desford Brick factory commissioned at the end of 2022 is the centrepiece of this pillar. Increasing our brick production by around 120m bricks per annum (or 22%) whilst delivering market leading levels of efficiency, the new factory will provide additional bricks to our housebuilding customers with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

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Access new higher margin Market segments

Our business has traditionally been focused towards the mainstream residential construction and associated repair, maintenance and improvement market. Our strategy is to broaden our range of bricks to grow our presence in this market where customers demand the highest levels of quality, but where selling prices and margins are higher.

Strategy in action

Wilnecote Brick Factory

Our £30m investment in the refurbishment of our Wilnecote factory, like Desford, will not only increase capacity but improve efficiency and sustainability, allowing us to increase the breadth of our product range we are able to offer, further allowing us to grow our market share in the attractive commercial and specification market.

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Develop and launch new products

Our core products have not changed for many years and whilst they remain the preferred choice for traditional residential construction, there are opportunities to capture new markets by offering both existing and new customers products suitable for differing and modern methods of construction.

We are committed to the development of new product ranges with a focus on providing innovative solutions for the rapidly growing offsite and modular construction markets. In addition, our ambition is do develop solutions that will allow the beautiful, durable and fire-safe clay brick to again become a cladding of choice of high-rise buildings.

Strategy in action

Brick Slips

Our £12m investement in a brick slip (or thin brick) manufacturing facility at our Accrington factory is a highly cost-effective investment to create the first volume brick slip manufacturing facility in the UK capable of manufacturing up to 48m slips per annum. Brick slips along with our patented SureBrick system provide a sustainable and durable cladding solutions for a wide range of building types from high rise to modular.

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We mean it when we say sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that our products have a significant carbon footprint, but it is important to remember that this is currently the case with all heavy building materials. Our products will provide quality homes lasting over 150 years and as such are inherently sustainable. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 32% by the end of the decade and then to net zero by 2050.

Our sustainability strategy is completely aligned with our wider strategy. By investing in our factories to make them more efficient, we reduce our energy costs, our emissions and therefore our carbon compliance costs. Our strategy to develop new products also has sustainability at its core. The manufacture of brick slips will use around 25% of the raw material and energy of a traditional brick, although today many brick slips are manufactured by cutting a traditional brick, creating high levels of waste.