Our Brands

For housebuilders and self-builders, architects and engineers, the Forterra range of building products offers the historic and the contemporary, the traditional and the innovative. Our brands are among the most respected and recognised names in the construction industry and come with quality of specification and reassurance of supply.


London Brick has been in continuous production since 1877. Used in the construction of almost a quarter of England’s housing stock, it has become an icon of the British built landscape. Today, it is produced primarily for the residential renovation, maintenance and improvement market where its range of 23 London bricks – available in a variety of colours and textures – help to simplify the challenge of brick matching.

Our brands - London Brick from Forterra

The UK’s most environmentally-friendly stock brick, Ecostock is ideal for both domestic and commercial construction projects requiring building materials with low embodied energy. The range offers a wide selection of red, buff and yellow stock bricks in pressed, thrown and water struck finishes. Ecostock bricks are manufactured to BES 6001 Responsible Source certification.

Our brands - Ecostock from Forterra

A name synonymous with brick manufacturing in the UK for over 150 years, the current range of Butterley wirecut, extruded bricks has a wealth of colours and finishes to suit both classic and contemporary architecture. Choose from red, buff, yellow, brown, blue and grey bricks in a smooth, uniform finish; a modern, lightly textured finish; a more rustic looking heavy textured; or tumbled, which has the distressed, irregular look of reclaimed bricks.

Our brands - Butterley a Forterra brand

A favourite of architects and restoration specialists, Cradley Special Bricks provide the detail that can transform an ordinary building into an extraordinary one. Choose from British Standard – manufactured to BS 4729; non-standard – architectural bespoke specials; or tailor-made – allowing you to match or create unique one off brick specials for any project, historic or contemporary.

Cradley brick specials - a Forterra brand

For listed building and restoration projects of all types of architectural design, the traditional methods passed down through Red Bank’s hundred-year history ensure chimney pots, ridge tiles, roof copings and other clayware roofing components can be matched and recreated to maintain a building’s integrity. Off-the-shelf clayware products are also available.

Our brands - Red Bank from Forterra

Achieving U-value targets is easier with Thermalite aircrete blocks. Whether you’re building internal or external walls, foundations or block and beam floors, Thermalite aircrete blocks offer high thermal and sound insulation, good compressive strength and moisture resistance. They are also light to handle. Containing up to 80% recycled content, Thermalite holds BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification.

Our brands by Forterra - Thermalite

Conbloc aggregate blocks offer excellent sound insulation, high compressive strength, and high thermal mass for internal and external applications, above or below ground. Manufactured to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification, Conbloc concrete blocks contain a ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), a by-product of the iron-making industry which reduces the embodied CO2 by up to 30%.

Conbloc - A Forterra brand

Using the latest in offsite manufacturing techniques – coupled with design, technical and project management support – Bison Precast’s prefabricated concrete products offer significant time and cost saving benefits for structural, architectural and infrastructure projects, ranging from residential to roadbuilding. At the forefront of innovation for over 100 years, Bison Precast products are supporting the move to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Bison Precast - a Forterra brand

Formpave is at the frontline in the battle against flooding. Developed to comply with legislative and sustainability requirements, its offering ranges from conventional and permeable block paving for homeowners’ driveways, to ‘whole system’ designs – such as Aquaflow® SuDS – for architectural and commercial projects. Formpave innovations include water harvesting, thermal heat transfer and permeable paving.

Formpave - paving from Forterra