Ecostock: Sustainably manufactured bricks

Ecostock bricks are manufactured using the latest technology in sustainability and production efficiency, producing bricks with low embodied energy as well as advanced colour consistency, dimensional accuracy and quality.

Alongside its sustainability credentials, Ecostock’s appeal as a housebuilding brick is enhanced by its rustic finish, simulating the look of a handmade brick.

Meeting the needs of Britain’s architects and developers

Every year, approximately 100 million Ecostock bricks are produced at the Measham soft mud factory using raw material sourced from our clay quarry situated directly adjacent. As well as keeping our road miles low, the efficiency of this clean and modern factory, built to replace three older, less efficient plants, helps us to keep our environmental impact low in other areas too:

Lower energy use thanks to the ability of the Measham kiln to redistribute heat, that would normally be lost to the environment, to other areas of the factory. When compared with the three previous factories, this has helped us to reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.

Low waste production processes means our raw material wastage is less than 1%.

Lower water consumption because we recycle the water used in our manufacturing process.

Ecostock brick – Delivered nationwide

Located in the heart of England, close to the M42, the Measham factory has excellent links to the UK’s arterial roadways, ensuring our dedicated fleet can efficiently deliver from factory to construction site.

Ecostock brick House

Ecostock – The choice of Britain’s housebuilders

Ecostock bricks are used by housebuilders and developers across Britain to build domestic and commercial properties, from small, one-off projects to large-scale developments. You can read about some of the projects here.

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