Case Study: The Elms Case Study

Case study The Elms Case Study

Client: The Elms

Architect: D.B. Lawrence Associates

Brick Type: Ardleigh Yellow Stock

Location: Ewerby, Lincolnshire

Sector: Residential

The Elms

The Challenge

The village of Ewerby sits within the heart of the Lincolnshire Fens, amidst a heavy farming community highlighted and punctuated by the local architecture.

Historically, Lincolnshire villages produced their own, indigenous facing bricks from brick pits, and most farm buildings and tied cottages within this community are constructed from Ewerby Yellow facing brick. Together with local Ancaster limestone and handcrafted clay pantiles, this forms the pallet of materials that are considered indicative of the local vernacular architecture. As such, careful consideration needed to be given to the choice of materials used in building The Elms.

The Solution

Combining existing detailing and colourings gave architects D.B. Lawrence Associates a strong initial concept for their first stage design process. Sourcing bricks and materials that blend with their surroundings can be challenging, but they were successful in achieving this for The Elms.

The Elms

D.B. Lawrence Associates

Brick Type
Ardleigh Yellow Stock

Ewerby, Lincolnshire


A yellow stock brick sourced from Forterra was an important part of the concept. The brick was used alongside the use of local Lincolnshire limestone quarried seven miles away at Ancaster. Handmade clay pantiles were sourced to match existing roof tiles.

The brickwork was constructed in English Bond to achieve the desired aesthetic and reflect the existing surrounding outbuildings.

Complementary Stone quoins, cills and heads together with dog-tooth oversailing courses to the eaves and verges were also used.

The brick chosen was Ardleigh Yellow Stock Brick from Ecostock. Ecostock is the most sustainable stock brick available in the UK. It is a high quality facing brick with recycled content. The range carries BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification.

The Benefits

The overall intention of the dwelling is to replicate a barn, and careful thought and detailing to the large openings have helped to create the desired effect.

When approaching the village of Ewerby from Thorpe, the barn gives the impression of having been there for years, not months. The build has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the planners, and the client has contributed an inspiring development worthy of the village.

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