Conbloc aggregate blocks

If you’re looking for an aggregate concrete block that is both workhorse and aesthetically pleasing, you will find it in the Conbloc range.

Offering excellent sound insulation, high compressive strength and thermal mass, backed up by technical support from our experienced team, Conbloc aggregate concrete blocks will help you meet building regulations for thermal and acoustic efficiency with ease.

Conbloc: Choose from dense or lightweight aggregate blocks

Forterra’s Conbloc aggregate blocks are available in a variety of densities, strengths, sizes and configurations to suit internal and external applications, above or below ground.

Evalast dense aggregate blocks, are available in both paint grade and background blocks with coursing units, which can be used in all situations where durable, robust blockwork is required. They are ideal for warehouses, factory units, offices, schools and leisure centres.

Fenlite lightweight aggregate blocks, are also available in both paint grade and background blocks with coursing units. These are for use where appearance and weight are of prime consideration. They are intended for internal applications where a lightweight, economic or paintable block is required for aesthetically important projects, such as shopping centres, offices, sports centres, factory units and workshops.

Manufactured to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification

Conbloc aggregate blocks are manufactured to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification. They contain a ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), which is a by-product of the iron-making industry and is used as a cement replacement. Its use reduces the embodied CO2 of our aggregate blocks by up to 30 per cent, in turn helping you to meet your sustainability targets.

Conbloc for every application

Conbloc aggregate concrete blocks are available for delivery nationwide. Find the Conbloc for your application:

We’ve got the perfect blocks for a perfect job

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