Aircrete Blocks By Thermalite 

While the Thermalite brand might have been around for 70 years or so, a programme of continual research and development ensures it meets the needs of the modern construction industry.

A closed micro-cellular structure, featuring tiny pockets of trapped air, gives Thermalite its distinctive features: high thermal and sound insulation, lightness for handling, high compressive strength, and fire and moisture resistance. With sustainability targets becoming ever more important, Thermalite’s excellent thermal insulation properties make U-value targets easier to achieve and can help reduce the CO2 emissions during a building’s life.

Thermalite: cost-effective build solutions for floor, wall and below ground construction

The range of strength, thermal conductivity and density properties, coupled with its availability in a variety of weights and dimensions, means there is a Thermalite aircrete block for almost every application, from internal and external walls to foundations with the unique tongue and grooved trenchblocks, and block and beam floors.

Because Thermalite blocks are easy to handle and extremely workable – blocks can be effortlessly sawn, cut, chased and drilled using ordinary hand tools – their use can lead to significant productivity gains in the construction programme.

To ensure you select the Thermalite aircrete blocks best suited to your application, Forterra offers a full technical advisory service staffed by a qualified team with specialist knowledge on the use of Thermalite products. The team can provide technical advice on Building Regulations, including thermal calculations.

Sustainability built in

Thermalite is an exceptionally sustainable building material that not only contributes to the construction of environmentally efficient buildings but is also sustainably manufactured at Forterra’s Thatcham and Hams Hall manufacturing locations, using up to 80% recycled content, including Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), a waste product from the UK’s power stations.

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