Over a century of clay and concrete product innovation

A history of building the future

Wherever you are in Britain, you won’t be far from a building with a Forterra brick, block or bespoke clay or concrete product somewhere in its fabric.

Our history of manufacturing building products began in the 19th century; we kept Britain building right through the 20th century; and we continue to be at the forefront of building innovation in the 21st century so you, and future generations, can continue to build history.

Whether you’re looking for the latest in offsite manufacturing techniques for your next commercial project; for a high volume, sustainable brick supply for a new housing development; or maybe even bespoke, hand-crafted clay products for a heritage restoration project, our products and services are Keeping Britain Building.

London Brick London Brick
Ecostock Brick Ecostock Brick
Butterley Brick Butterley Brick
Cradley Special Brick Cradley Special Brick
Red Bank Red Bank
Thermalite Thermalite
Conbloc Conbloc
Bison Precast Bison Precast
Jetfloor Jetfloor
Formpave Formpave
London Brick

In continuous production since 1877, London Brick has been used in the construction of almost a quarter of England’s housing stock, becoming an icon of the British built landscape. Today, it is produced primarily for the residential renovation, maintenance and improvement market. With 23 different colours and textures to choose from, finding a perfect match for existing brickwork is easy.

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Ecostock Brick

The UK’s most environmentally-friendly stock brick, Ecostock is ideal for both domestic and commercial construction projects requiring building materials with low embodied energy. The range offers a wide selection of red, buff and yellow stock bricks in pressed, thrown and water struck finishes. Ecostock bricks are manufactured to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification.

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Butterley Brick

A name synonymous with brick manufacturing in the UK for over 150 years, the current range of Butterley wirecut, extruded bricks has a wealth of colours and finishes to suit both classic and contemporary architecture. Choose from red, buff, yellow, brown, blue and grey bricks in a smooth, uniform finish; a modern, lightly textured finish; a more rustic looking heavy textured; or tumbled, which has the distressed, irregular look of reclaimed bricks.

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Cradley Special Brick

A favourite of architects and restoration specialists, Cradley Special Bricks provide the detail that can transform an ordinary building into an extraordinary one. Choose from British Standard – manufactured to BS 4729; non-standard – architectural bespoke specials; or tailor-made – allowing you to match or create unique one off brick specials for any project, historic or contemporary.

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Red Bank

For listed building and restoration projects of all types of architectural design, the traditional methods passed down through Red Bank’s hundred-year history ensure chimney pots, ridge tiles, roof copings and other clayware roofing components can be matched and recreated to maintain a building’s integrity. Off-the-shelf clayware products are also available.

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Achieving U-value targets is easier with Thermalite aircrete blocks. Whether you’re building internal or external walls, foundations or block and beam floors, Thermalite aircrete blocks offer high thermal and sound insulation, good compressive strength and moisture resistance. They are also light to handle. Containing up to 80% recycled content, Thermalite holds BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification.

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Conbloc aggregate blocks offer excellent sound insulation, high compressive strength, and high thermal mass for internal and external applications, above or below ground. Manufactured to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification, Conbloc concrete blocks contain a ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), a by-product of the iron-making industry which reduces the embodied CO2 by up to 30%.

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Bison Precast

Using the latest in offsite manufacturing techniques – coupled with design, technical and project management support – Bison Precast’s prefabricated concrete products offer significant time and cost saving benefits for structural, architectural and infrastructure projects, ranging from residential to roadbuilding. At the forefront of innovation for over 100 years, Bison Precast products are supporting the move to Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

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For thermally-insulated ground floors, Jetfloor offers housebuilders and specifiers cost-effective certainty of compliance with the latest requirements of part L of the Building Regulations. Quick and simple to install with robust edge details, Jetfloor’s flexible configuration design provides a future-proofed solution. It was the first system in the UK to combine expanded polystyrene blocks with a structural concrete topping.

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Formpave is at the frontline in the battle against flooding. Developed to comply with legislative and sustainability requirements, its offering ranges from conventional and permeable block paving for homeowners’ driveways, to ‘whole system’ designs – such as Aquaflow® SuDS – for architectural and commercial projects. Formpave innovations include water harvesting, thermal heat transfer and permeable paving.

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Building your next project

From foundations to the last finial, we are here to support you with vital building products and services that will help you to make your next construction project a successful one. Browse our ranges of bricks, blocks, bespoke and more.

Case studies

Sometimes, it is reassuring to read about other success stories before embarking on your own. Here, you will find examples of residential, education, commercial and public sector construction projects in which Forterra’s innovative products, and its skilled, approachable teams and flexible services, have played a significant part.

To showcase your own project featuring Forterra building products and services, contact us on marketing@forterra.co.uk


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Spring at Kings Dyke Nature Reserve: reserve manager, Philip Parker, updates us on what’s been happening at the former clay pit.

As we head into summer, Philip Parker, manager of our Kings Dyke Nature Reserve, looks back on spring’s highlights.

Spring was slow to reach King’s Dyke this year. Cold weather, long into May, meant fewer spring blooms, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects. In April, we would usually have started butterfly and dragonfly transects (a set walking route along which the number of different butterflies or dragonflies are recorded), but hardly any were to be seen.

However, with the weather finally turning warmer towards the end of May, spring blooms and early summer flowers have come out all at once resulting in an extraordinarily beautiful display. Butterflies and dragonflies also started to put in an appearance, which was good to see, however, it remains to be seen how the late spring will have affected numbers.