Load Selector

Our new load selector allows you the opportunity to customise a full load to enable you to purchase a selection of Forterra products in smaller quantities.

Delivered from our London Brick Kings Dyke and Butterley Accrington factories, you can choose from a range of London, Butterley and Ecostock bricks as well as Thermalite and Conbloc blocks.


  • Choose a mix of products across brick, aircrete blocks and aggregate blocks
  • Increased stock flexibility – helps space allocation in smaller yards and manage working capital in larger yards
  • Ability to select products down to a single pack
  • Can reduce invoice value
  • Removes unnecessary vehicles on the road as all you need is delivered on one truck
  • Helps traffic management on site by reducing the number of deliveries


Find Out More

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our load selector, fill in your details below and we will be in touch.


    Loads need to be built to a maximum weight of 26,000kgs. In the event of the load being overweight as a result of slight pack variation, we will reduce the load as required.

    Product Pack size Pack weight
    London Brick 390 (65mm)
    360 (75mm)
    851kg (65mm)
    902kg (73mm)
    Ecostock 495 1,288kg
    Class B 504 1,300kg
    Thermalite 60 480kg
    Accrington Brick 504 1,304kg
    Conbloc 90 (Fenlite)
    72 (Dense)
    1,188kg (Fenlite)
    1,396.8kg (Dense)

    *pack weights are approx.

    London brick load selector only: Each order must include a minimum of 16 packs of London Bricks.