Chatsworth Grey Rustic

Benefits of Chatsworth Grey Rustic

With a history dating back over 150 years, Butterley bricks can be found in buildings as diverse St Pancras station and modern housing developments. We manufacture it in a wealth of red, buff, yellow, brown, blue and grey colours, and in several textures: smooth, with a consistent, uniform character; light textured, which is modern and uniform, with an indented or printed finish; heavy textured, with a harder and rougher texture for a more rustic brick with a consistent finish; and tumbled, a distressed and irregular shape associated with reclaimed bricks.

Chatsworth Grey Rustic specifications

Manufactured to BS EN 771-1
Height 65 mm
Compressive Strength 20 N/mm²
Configuration Vertically perforated 11-16% voids
Dimensional Tolerance Range R1
Durability Rating F1
Water Absorption 26%
Textures Heavy Texture
Width 215 mm
Depth 102.5 mm
Thermal Conductivity (λ10,dry) 0.47
Dimensional Tolerance Mean T2
Dry Weight 1.95 kg
Soluble Salts S2
Manufacture Type Wirecut
Factory Kirton

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