Jetfloor insulated ground floors

The ability to provide flexible U-value performance, reduced Dwelling Emission Rates (DER), and an A+ Green Rating, are just some of the many benefits of Jetfloor insulated flooring system. It brings together structural and thermal performance in one insulated ground floor solution.

Since its launch in 1982, Jetfloor has been successfully used in hundreds of thousands of new homes. Today, our latest development of Jetfloor presents the platform for a range of U-values and enhanced Psi values, providing a future-proofed robust solution for housebuilders, specifiers and homeowners.

Jetfloor: Reducing construction costs

Flexible design configuration combined with simple and robust edge details means Jetfloor is quick and easy to install with no specialist skills required. It comprises standard 150mm or 225mm-deep prestressed concrete beams infilled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks supplied in easy-to-handle lengths. The floor is then completed with a reinforced structural concrete topping laid over EPS sheet insulation.

In addition to speed of installation, the overall floor thickness that is achievable with Jetfloor, compared with 175mm beam and block solutions, will inevitably lead to cost savings through the reduction of dig and spoil removal costs, further contributing to lower overall construction costs.

Certainty of Part L compliance

Constructing homes that are energy efficient from the ground up not only gives housebuilders and specifiers cost-effective certainty of compliance with the latest requirements of Part L of Building Regulations, it is also a key step towards achieving the UK’s net zero carbon target by 2050. In using the Jetfloor system, you can be assured of that compliance.

Jetfloor Part L Compliance image 1

Comprehensive support

Manufactured in the UK under Bison Precast, Jetfloor is available nationwide on a supply only or supply and install basis, and is backed by our comprehensive in-house technical support.


Used by housebuilders and self-builders

While Jetfloor is a favourite of housebuilders seeking to achieve energy efficiency targets, it is also being used by self-builders as an eco- and cost-friendly option. Read more about it in our case studies.

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