Chimneys, roofing and flue systems

Chimneys, Roofing and Flue Systems

Whether you’re building new, restoring or renovating, finding the right clayware to complement the architectural style of your project, or to ensure compliance with Building Regulations, is important.

Red Bank’s off-the-shelf range includes chimney pots, gas flue terminals, clay ridge tiles and finials in sizes, colours and styles to suit both traditional and contemporary buildings. For something more personal or for a restoration project, our skilled craftsmen can create bespoke clayware products from a sample or a dimensioned technical drawing.

Finding the right flue for your appliance

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of woodburning stoves for both old and new properties. With stringent regulations surrounding their installation and use, Red Bank’s range of clay and concrete flue systems and liners can be supplied to meet the requirements of any type of stove or other combustion appliance. Use our online flue estimator to produce a detailed flue component estimate that includes illustrations, product quantities and standard list prices.

Looking for clayware to complete your building project?

Red Bank’s range of bespoke and off-the-shelf chimney and roofing components is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

Flue liners and systems
Ridge tiles and finials
Air bricks and wall ducts
Bespoke clayware

Red Bank has been making clay chimney pots for over 100 years. From traditional to contemporary, the wide range includes round tapered, octagonal, square or Scottish chimney pots and decorative fuel effect pots, plus inserts and gas flue terminals. Choose from our range of standard shapes and sizes  or enquire about our bespoke service. Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13502 : 2002.

A complete range of clay and concrete flue systems and flue liners to meet the requirements of any type of appliance. Take advantage of our full technical support and advice, plus online flue estimator, to ensure you select the correct system for the appliance type and fireplace opening. BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Materials certified.

Available in red, black and buff clay, Red Bank’s traditional ridge tiles and finials have been a core part of its product offering for over a century. Alongside this wide range of EN1304 : 2013 Clay Roofing Tiles and Fittings compliant products is the Redi-Ridge ventilated dry fix ridge and hip system with mechanical fixings, which eliminates the need for intricate ridge pieces or unsightly mortar joints and helps to reduce installation time.

Air bricks – also known as vent bricks or ventilation bricks – and cavity wall ducts are important components in the promotion of underflow air flow. Red Bank air bricks are available in a range of sizes in square, louvre and rectangular hole patterns, and in red, black or buff clay. Our clay cavity wall bridging ducts are available in three sizes.

Highly skilled craftsmen have been manufacturing bespoke clayware at Red Bank for over a hundred years. Today, the team regularly produces bespoke ridge tiles, roof finials, chimney pots, copings, and many other products that are not available off the shelf, for listed buildings and restoration projects of all kinds of architectural style.

Forterra Redi-Ridge® ventilated dry fix ridge and HIP systems

Introducing Redi-Ridge, the new ventilated dry fix ridge and hip system which is compatible with all Red Bank standard ridge tiles, including capped angle, crested and roll top.

Support and advice

For help and advice in choosing the right option for your current or next project, whether it be finding the correct chimney size for a fireplace or which products to use with solid fuel or gas, our experienced team are on hand to help.

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