Ventilated dry fix ridge and hip systems

Introducing Redi-Ridge, the new ventilated dry fix ridge and hip system which is compatible with all Red Bank standard ridge tiles, including capped angle, crested and roll top.

Providing even greater choice to roofing merchants and contractors, Redi-Ridge meets BS 8612 requirements for mechanical fixing, its resistance to wind-driven rain exceeds the requirements set out for this standard.

New Redi-Ridge is part of the Red Bank range of clayware chimneys, roofing and flue systems that caters for all styles of architectural design.

Our range

The hooded ventilation design of Redi-Ridge® provides a clear ventilation path whilst preventing water ingress.

Red-Ridge Capped angle ridge-from Forterra Building Products

Capped angle ridge

The Ridge Vent Filler provides ventilation at the foot of capped angle ridge tiles which incorporate two holes to allow mechanical fixing to the ridge batten.

Capped mechanical fixing-from Red Bank-a Forterra brand
Redi-Ridge Plain angle ridge- from Red Bank-a Forterra brand

Plain angle ridge

The metal Fixing Plate provides mechanical fixing to the ridge batten and a ventilation gap for plain angle, half round, roll top and slotted roll top ridge tiles.

Metal Fixing plate - Plain angle ridge-Red Bank - a Forterra brand
HIP system from Redi-Ridge from Forterra Building Products

HIP system

Appropriate fixings are used for the hip as per specific ridge installation (when used on main ridge and hip, Redi-Ridge negates the requirement of a lead saddle).

Fixing for HIP System-Redi-Ridge-from Forterra Building Products

Available in 6m packs to suit your application

The Redi-Ridge® advantage

Conforms and tested to BS8612:2018

Suits capped, crested and standard ridges

Quick and easy to install

Provides continuous ventilation

Wind driven and rain resistant

AA fire rating

Aluminium based construction

300mm wide

Handy 6m packs to suit applications

Design life in excess of 30 years

The hooded ventilation design of Redi-Ridge provides a clear ventilation path.

Redi-Ridge is a universal, ventilated dry fix ridge and hip system, consisting of mechanical fixings and a grey coloured powder coated aluminium roll face.

Suitable for use with all Red Bank standard ridge tile types, the design of Redi-Ridge provides a clear ventilation path, even with slates, whilst preventing water ingress, and overcomes the durability and weathering issues associated with other fabric based roll ridge systems.

Redi-Ridge eliminates the need for intricate ridge union pieces or unsightly mortar joints between ridge tiles which saves time with installation and gives builders the ability to meet Building Regulations Approved Document C 2004 which stipulates requirements for resistance to moisture penetration, and BS5250:2011+A1:2016 which defines the level of air openness required of the roof covering. Install continuously to provide ventilation area equivalent to 5000mm2/m.