Case Study: Weston Hills Carbon Neutral House Case Study

Case study Weston Hills Carbon Neutral House Case Study

Architect: Studio 11 Architecture

Brick Type: Hampton Rural Blend

Location: Spalding

Sector: Residential

An architect designed, self-build house with annexe for a multi-generational family built to zero-carbon standards.
The scheme’s design is influenced by the architectural vernacular of the area. The surrounding houses are a legacy of the Land Settlement Association scheme, with distinctive mansard roofs, steeply sloping gables and dormer windows, constructed in a simple red brick with terracotta plain tiles.

The mansard is reflected in the new house with the roof extending down to form the walls. Instead of terracotta tiles, large format slate has been used to form a modern equivalent. The house is mainly slate tile; however, it was felt important to also reflect local brickwork. As such, brickwork was used for two huge brick-faced chimney stacks that rise through the gable.

Studio 11 Architecture

Brick Type
Hampton Rural Blend



To form a contrast with the very smooth grey of the slate, a textured red brick with slight colour variation was sought. White mortar lightens the brickwork while recessed mortar joints are used inside to provide shadow to each brick. Perforated brickwork surrounds the stone coping on both chimney stacks, adding visual interest to the building through both the materials and the shadows created by the brickwork perforations.

The brick selected was stock thrown Hampton Rural Blend from Forterra’s Ecostock range. It has a rustic finish resembling handmade brick. Ecostock bricks are manufactured using the latest technology in sustainability and production efficiency, producing bricks with low embodied energy as well as advanced colour consistency, dimensional accuracy and quality.

The structure incorporated huge amounts of insulation, a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system, and a solar photovoltaic array at the bottom of the garden, along with a ground-source heat pump. These installations will ensure that the house generates more electricity than it could ever use.

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