Case Study: Pinewood Case Study

Case study Pinewood Case Study


Pinewood, a high-specification, timber-framed, self-build eco house in County Durham has been built using Forterra’s new SureBrick brick slip system.

Comprising two interlocking L-shaped properties, with a combined floor space of 2,225 square metres, the property was designed to be as environmentally efficient as possible and included an air-source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and triple glazing among many other features.

For owner David Brockington – who has a background in construction – it was important to find a facing solution that would enable him to maintain the environmental integrity of his house while at the same time complying with planning regulations that stipulated a brick finish.

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SureBrick offered the ideal solution. In addition to the standard benefits of a brick slip system – simple to install with no reliance on conventional bricklaying skills – the SureBrick system is made from fully A1 non-combustible materials, installable in all-weather plus, because it can take any frost resistant 65mm extruded, thrown or pressed clay brick as well as purpose-made brick slips, it offers complete architectural flexibility as standard. For this project, the owner selected Forterra Hampton Rural Blend, a high quality facing brick from Forterra’s Ecostock range.

One of the features of SureBrick that the owner found particularly helpful was its vertical adjustability during installation, which meant the position of the rails could be altered to fit around windows and doors with the ability to accommodate construction tolerances of up to 27mm/m. SureBrick also produces thinner walls so buildings can be better insulated delivering higher levels of thermal performance, something that was vitally important for the project.

“As soon as I came across SureBrick I knew I wouldn’t find a better brick slip solution. It provides reassurance that only comes with a product that has been rigorously tested, combined with the fact that I could choose any clay brick option from Forterra’s huge range. It’s such a versatile, easy-to-use system that I don’t think there is a style of house for which SureBrick wouldn’t work.” David Brockington, owner and self-builder.

Lighter in weight than traditional masonry, SureBrick is ideal for use in the construction of high-rise buildings where it facilitates a speedier build process than traditional methods, creating buildings that are wind and water-tight earlier in the build program.

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