Case Study: Field of Dreams Case Study

Case study Field of Dreams Case Study

Client: Deafblind Scotland

Architect: Austin-Smith: Lord

Brick Type: Welford Buff

Location: Glasgow

Sector: Education

Contractor: Clark Contracts

Field of Dreams

The Challenge

The client’s requirements were to provide value for money and create a building that was easy to maintain and appropriate to its function and setting.

Deafblind Scotland provided training for the architects so they could gain an appreciation of the barriers faced by those who would use the building. The design was then developed to satisfy funding requirements. Technology was utilised to assist the client’s team with visual impairment to understand the building layout.

The Solution

Deafblind Scotland

Austin-Smith: Lord

Brick Type
Welford Buff



Clark Contracts

• Welford Buff

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Working closely with the client the architects carefully selected materials, colours, stair detailing, thresholds and ironmongery. Our Welford Buff brick was chosen for the brickwork.

Careful consideration was also given to the pedestrian route configuration that visitors would use when approaching the building – it was important to ensure a strong colour contrast between road and pedestrian walkway.

Natural ventilation was maximised to reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

The Benefits

The 7,500 square foot building provides a centre of excellence for deafblind people with a hub for training and development. It is a daily resource for more than 300 deafblind people in the Glasgow area, and a further resource for the 2,700 people across Scotland who are severely dual sensory impaired.

The project offers deafblind people more opportunities to learn, enjoy a range of subjects, collaborate, and to become more familiar with IT through the assistance of specially adapted technology and equipment.

Feedback from building users has been extremely positive with the client remarking on the ease of way finding and legibility within the layout.

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