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Right up your street: Forterra launches locally sourced RMI bricks

Forterra, one of the UK’s leading building products manufacturers, has announced the launch of its Repair, Maintenance, and Improvement (RMI) range of bricks, produced at Forterra’s factories in Accrington and Claughton, Lancashire, and in Kirton, Nottinghamshire.

The RMI range offers a selection curated from Forterra’s Butterley bricks. Renowned for their heritage appeal and authentic finish, they have been used in the construction of notable landmarks worldwide including King’s Cross St. Pancras and Battersea Power Station in London.

Building upon this legacy, Forterra’s RMI range combines aesthetic appeal, authentic heritage, and superior functionality, making them ideal for repair, maintenance, and improvement projects.

By producing these bricks at three different factories Forterra gives customers the ability to source bricks from right up the street, since each plant’s bricks have an identity and aesthetic tailored to the local area. This is because they use clay sourced from adjacent quarries, ensuring that the bricks’ colour and finish seamlessly harmonise with the natural and built landscapes of the surrounding area.

Indeed, the use of local quarries is environmental as well as aesthetic. By using local resources, Forterra minimises the environmental impact associated with transportation.

Additionally, with regional production and distribution, plus excellent access to the UK’s arterial roadways – the supply chain is further optimised by reducing the carbon footprint of deliveries and supporting the local economy.

“Forterra’s RMI range represents a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainable and locally sourced building materials,” said Neil Ash, CEO at Forterra. “We are proud to offer a range of bricks that not only meet the highest standards of durability and frost resistance but also seamlessly blend into the existing built environment, preserving the character and charm of each location.”

Forterra’s commitment to sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact is reflected in the manufacturer’s other developments and investments made over the past year. These include a solar farm, a new eco-fleet of trucks, and new reduced-plastic packaging solutions, as well as the brand new Desford factory, the biggest, most efficient factory in Europe, which opened in May 2023.

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