Thermalite Aircrete Trenchblock Tongue and Groove

Benefits of Thermalite Aircrete Trenchblock Tongue and Groove

Thermalite aircrete blocks provide a cost-effective solution for below-ground construction. A closed micro-cellular structure, that features tiny pockets of trapped air, gives Thermalite its distinctive features: high thermal and sound insulation, lightness for handling, high compressive strength and fire resistance. Thermalite’s excellent thermal insulation properties make U-value targets easier to achieve and can help reduce the CO2 emissions during a building’s life.

Thermalite Aircrete Trenchblock Tongue and Groove specifications

Height Length Width Dry Weight
215mm 440mm 275mm 16.1kg
215mm 440mm 300mm 17.5kg
215mm 440mm 355mm 20.8kg

Key data

Compressive Strength 3.6 N/mm²
λ Below ground 0.24 W/m.K
λ Design above dpc 0.15 W/m.K
Dry Density 600 kg/m³
Working Dimensions

Face dimensions (mm) : 440 x 215


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Thermalite Aircrete Trenchblock Tongue and Groove

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