Thermalite Aircrete Shield

Benefits of Thermalite Aircrete Shield

Shield block is very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including external walls, foundations, partitions and separating walls. A closed micro-cellular structure, that features tiny pockets of trapped air, gives Thermalite its distinctive features: high thermal and sound insulation, lightness for handling, high compressive strength and fire resistance. Thermalite’s excellent thermal insulation properties make U-value targets easier to achieve and can help reduce the CO2 emissions during a building’s life.

Thermalite Aircrete Shield specifications

Height Length Width Weight *
215mm 440mm 50mm 3.8kg
215mm 440mm 75mm 5.7kg
215mm 440mm 100mm 7.6kg
215mm 440mm 140mm 10.6kg
215mm 440mm 150mm 11.3kg
215mm 440mm 200mm 15.1kg
215mm 440mm 215mm 16.3kg

Key data

Compressive Strength 3.6 N/mm²
Dry Density 600 kg/m³
λ Design 0.15 W/m.K
Working Dimensions

Face dimensions (mm) : 440 x 215
* Weight : Based on the block gross density + 50Kg/m³ at a typical moisture content of 23% (typical received), moisture equilibrium approximately 3% (protected) and 5% (exposed).

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