Tactile Block Paving

Benefits of Tactile Block Paving

Formpave is a definitive collection of high quality, permeable and conventional concrete block paving products and systems that have been designed to comply with legislative and sustainability requirements. The range includes paving for homeowners’ driveways and ‘whole system’ designs, such as our pioneering Aquaflow® SuDS, for architectural and commercial projects as well as paving kerbs and accessories.

Tactile Block Paving specifications

Block Sizes 60mm (Depth)
200 x 133mm Quantity per pack 300
Coverage per pack (m²) 7.98
Weight per pack (tonne) 1.1
Notes Specially designed to overcome the breaking problems experienced with larger tactile paving.

Precast concrete block paving

Manufactured to BS EN 1338 2003
Slip/skid resistance Low
Tensile splitting strength 3.6 Mpa

Standard - Standard


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Tactile Block Paving

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