List No. 494 Circular Rebated Flue Lining

Benefits of List No. 494 Circular Rebated Flue Lining

Our Red Bank factory manufactures a comprehensive range of clayware essentials for all styles of architecture. The off-the-shelf range includes clay roof and ridge tiles, chimney pots, air bricks and ducts and flue systems. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking we also offer a bespoke service. Our craftsmen are skilled in designing and crafting bespoke products for listed buildings and restoration projects of all kinds of architectural style.

List No. 494 Circular Rebated Flue Lining specifications

Height H (mm) Base A (mm) Base B (mm) Weight (kg) Description
180 225 275 5.5 180x225 Circ Rb Flue EN1457:A1N2
300 225 275 13 300x225 Circ Rb Flue EN1457:A1N2
450 225 275 19.1 450x225 Circ Rb Flue EN1457:A1N2
600 225 275 22.6 600x225 Circ Rb Flue EN1457:A1N2


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List No. 494 Circular Rebated Flue Lining

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