Fenlite Paint Grade Aggregate Block

Benefits of Fenlite Paint Grade Aggregate Block

Conbloc aggregate blocks are available in a variety of densities, strengths, sizes and configurations to suit internal and external applications, above or below ground. Both the Conbloc Evalast dense and Conbloc Fenlite lightweight aggregate blocks ranges are available in paint grade and background blocks with coursing units, which can be used in all situations where durable, robust blockwork is required. They offer excellent sound insulation, high compressive strength and high thermal mass.

Fenlite Paint Grade Aggregate Block specifications

Height Length Width Dry Weight
215mm 440mm 100mm 13.7kg
215mm 440mm 140mm 19.2kg

Key data

Compressive Strength 7.3 N/mm²
Dry Density 1450 kg/m³
Working Dimensions

Face dimensions (mm) : 440 x 215

Dimensions and Weights

Block thicknesses and weights at equilibrium density (for 440 x 215mm)


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Fenlite Paint Grade Aggregate Block

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