AN.6 Double Cant

Benefits of AN.6 Double Cant

At out Cradley factory we manufacture a wide range of BS4729 British Standard, non-standard and bespoke special shaped bricks that create unique brickwork detailing. From angle and cant to plinth and bullnose bricks as well as bat and swift boxes, air bricks, copings and cappings, and decorative bricks for renovation and restoration. If you’re looking for something tailor-made, our skilled team can produce special bricks tailor made to your requirements.

AN.6 Double Cant specifications

This product is manufactured perforated unless specified
This product is available in Red, Blue and Buff
When these cappings are required at stop-end locations, specially faced units can be provided.

Type A B C D E
AN.6.1 215 102 65 46 103
AN.6.2 215 102 65 60 131


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AN.6 Double Cant

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