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Large Format Pier Caps

Cradley manufacture some of the largest extruded bricks in the UK. They are ideal for restoration, refurbishment and new build projects.

Coppings & Cappings

Coping and capping bricks are used to cap the tops of parapet or free standing walls and are available in two sizes.

Bat & Swift Boxes

Bat Boxes can be positioned high on buildings to avoid the threat from predators. Swifts boxes can be Built in to create new nest places for Swifts, ensuring longevity, safety and minimal maintenance.

Cill Bricks

Our range of cills and returns have been designed to provide the correct overhang and drip detail to ensure durability of brickwork.

Pistol & Soldier Bricks

Used to maintain brick coursing where shelf angles are introduced, external returns for brick slip cladding systems and creating brick clad lintels and soffit returns. Soldier bricks give opportunities to break up mass and add interest to large areas of brickwork.

Arch Bricks & Arch Systems

Arch or tapered bricks are used to form semi-circular, bullseye, segmental or other forms of decorative arch units to several different radii specified in the standard.

Name & Date Bricks

Made to customer specification.

Decorative Bricks

Available in a variety of patterns, sizes, colours and face textures which makes them ideally suited for a wide range of feature brickwork applications within restoration and renovation projects.

Angle & Cant Bricks

Angle bricks allow brickwork to turn through 30, 45, and 60 degree angles in plan with various bonding patterns.

The cant range allows splay detailing to be achieved within brickwork to window surrounds, corner details and other locations.

Clay Pavers & Kerbs

The quality and aesthetic appeal of clay pavers is of paramount importance to the success of any hard landscaping.

Bullnose Bricks

Bullnoses are a popular range of special shaped bricks which have long been used to soften the aesthetics on walls, around openings or to the corner detailing of buildings.

Cut & Bond Bricks

Cut and bond specials are epoxy bonded which makes them suitable for both internal and external applications where angled special shaped bricks would normally be employed.

String Courses

Used as a decorative horizontal band on the exterior wall of a building to provide an interesting architectural feature - often used to break up a monotonous expanse of brickwork.

Plinth Bricks

Plinth specials are often used to create a splay detail at the base of a building. They are also increasingly being used for corbel detailing and window surround details in association with angle and cant specials.

Radial Bricks

Radial specials are primarily used to form circular detail brickwork in plan, without having tapered joints. They also give a true, concise curve to brickwork.

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