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Forterra continues Construction Hubs scheme

We’re delighted to have entered into the second year of our Construction Hubs scheme, aiding construction colleges across the country with much needed supplies and resources.

Colleges received donations of bricks, specials or Thermalite blocks to supplement their construction courses to support the practical learning of its students and get the newest batch of students off to a strong start in their career

Colleges include Buckinghamshire College Group, Burnley College, Hertford Regional College, Preston College, Stamford College, Truro and Penwith College, Lewisham College and Warrington and Vale Royal College.

With the support of Forterra, the colleges are embarking on brickwork projects including internal competitions and local community projects, with the aim of increasing the skills and enthusiasm of their students.

As a result of the recent donation, Lewisham College has partnered up with a local Primary School to build brick flower planters to encourage the pupils to learn more about horticulture. Building the planters provides the college students with an opportunity to engage with a project on a more professional level and have their work displayed.

Bob Noseda, Sector Skills Advisor at Lewisham College said, “I’ve worked alongside Forterra for quite a few years and am grateful for all its support. Being a Construction Hub is a great honour and everyone at Lewisham College involved in Brickwork is proud to be a Hub member. The donation of bricks is a fantastic addition to our supplies. As well as going towards the community project, the bricks will be used to train the new intake of brickwork students. Having access to bricks of this quality is essential in ensuring we train to the highest standard.”

Caroline Wildman, Marketing Director at Forterra said: “We are pleased to continue to support the eight colleges that are part of Forterra’s Construction Hubs. It’s lovely to see the students get involved with a community project and we hope these supplies will enable them to produce brickwork of the highest quality. Forterra takes pride in supporting the continued development of high standards and technical skills in the bricklaying industry, helping to address the skills gap.”

The Construction Hubs are central to our nationwide effort to inspire ambition and foster raw talent in the next generation of construction workers.
We continue to support upcoming bricklaying talent in a variety of ways, including through the Forterra London Apprentice Challenge and annual Best in London Brick contest at Lewisham College which uses our iconic London Brick.