Case Study: Rye Lane Case Study

Case study Rye Lane Case Study

Client: Metropolitan Housing Trust

Brick Type: Arden Special Reserve, Village Harvest Multi, Wilnecote Blue Smooth

Location: Peckham, South London

Sector: Residential

Developer: Guildmore

Rye Lane

The Challenge

Situated in the Rye Lane conservation area in Peckham, South London, the four to seven storey mixed-use development in Rye Green – comprising 27 residential units laid out across six floors, with two retail units on the ground floor – would provide affordable housing for people in the community who are most in need.

The scheme had to consider two elements, the first being the redevelopment of the frontage building (Rye Lane) with the retention of its façade, and the second being the six-storey (with set-back seven-storey) block to the rear, on the site of the existing fish warehouse.

The Solution

The architectural design of this residential development incorporates traditional and modern features with an existing brick façade.

Metropolitan Housing Trust

Brick Type
Arden Special Reserve, Village Harvest Multi, Wilnecote Blue Smooth

Peckham, South London



The seven-storey block is rectangular in form and has been built with a striking yellow facing

brick with protruding red brick paneling. The contrast between red and yellow brickwork is exaggerated with the introduction of green glaze facing brickwork at street level. This change in texture and brick finish works well with the local vernacular.

The new second and third floor additions are set back from the retained frontage.

The design is simple and functional, and the specified fabric responds to the historic character of the conservation area.

Three facing bricks from Butterley Brick were selected for the build. Arden Special Reserve, a red, light textured brick, and buff Village Harvest Multi – also light textured – were used as the facing material for the main body of the buildings. Wilncote Blue Smooth, a dark toned brick. was used to define the base of the buildings. The set-back top floor of the seven-storey block is clad in zinc shingles to reflect its roof-like character.

The Benefits

The high quality development, together with its associated external landscaping, has contributed positively to its place in Peckham.

Butterley Brick offers a range of high quality facing bricks manufactured from locally sourced raw materials; the range carries BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification. The bricks contribute to thermal mass and can be recycled at the end of their use.

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