Training and qualifications

From the very beginning of your career with Forterra, we will invest in your development, so you have the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to fast track on your chosen career path. The scheme is designed to develop you as future leaders to support our business priorities - our people, our customers, productivity, and health and safety.

When you join us as a graduate, you will undertake a Junior Management Consultant qualification to complement the on-the-job learning of your rotations through different business functions and departments. Among other things, you will learn key skills in project management and managing business finances through to technical skills, team working and effective communication. 

You will be given a personal development plan designed to ensure you have all the skills necessary for your first role. On completion of your programme you will be awarded with a recognised qualification in Management and Leadership. We empower our future talent to take ownership of their continued professional development and charterships.


We want you to settle in and feel part of the Forterra team, quickly. To do that, you need to understand how we work. We will give you end-to-end exposure across the business with a carefully planned induction programme that will also help you to grow your network of contacts. We give you space and time in different teams, so you get to know what we all do. You will spend time in operations on the factory floor, learn about our products, visit our customers with the sales team, go on road with one of our lorry drivers, and spend time with head office functions to understand the strategic direction of the business. 

We keep you busy in your induction; once you have a grasp of the wider business, your time will be focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of the team or business unit you will be working within in your permanent role. You will start to understand current projects, challenges and how you can contribute towards future business-level plans and obtain the necessary training prior to your first rotation.

Support network

Whether you are joining as a graduate or intern, you will be quickly introduced to our graduate community. We encourage our graduates and interns to act as a support network for each other and to catch up regularly. 

You will also be matched up with an experienced line manager mentor who will guide you through your rotations and projects. As well as helping you to reflect and learn from your experiences, they will give you performance feedback at the end of each rotation as well as key milestones to achieve. In addition, you will receive support from senior scheme sponsors, HR and development specialists all of whom will steer you through your individual development journey. 

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