Stairs & landings

Bison Precast’s adjustable steel moulds for stairs, landings and balcony units can meet the requirements of even the most demanding projects. Close working with project architects and designers ensures the structural and commerical viability of its products, whether standard or bespoke. Each precast concrete unit is designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each project, with our in-house design team on hand to provide immediate guidance and information. The use of precast staircases offers immediate and safe access to upper levels during the build process.Our staircases are manufactured in precision steel moulds offering flexibility of rise and going adjustment. We also offer high quality bespoke moulds for non-standard staircases.
Stairs & Landings System Overview - View

Standard or bespoke staircases & landings

Standard staircase

Bespoke staircase

Stairs and landings

Stairs and landings are available in a variety of standard arrangements. Alternatively they can be tailor-made to suit the application.

Technical details - stair configurations

Straight flights with cross landings

A simple and cost-effective solution with side support available for both main and half landings. It provides shorter spans to reduce thickness and weight, ensuring easier handling, transportation and installation.

Flights with integral top and/or bottom landings

This design is particularly suitable for use around lift shafts or where there is a requirement for more resting positions for the user, for example in hospitals and care homes. Bearing may be taken from side supports, end supports or continuous.

Precast winding staircase

Available in L or U-shaped configurations, including winders at each turn. This type of stair eliminates the need for half landings. It can be easily installed as the building progresses using adjustable support brackets located in pre-designed openings in the stairwell. The winding staircase offers inherent fire insulation and a high level of sound insulation, particularly when used in combination with Bison Precast floors at upper levels.

Stair finish

All standard stair components are manufactured in grey concrete using a manufacturing process that results in a finish to either soffit or the string that is not suitable for a direct paint or artex finish.

It is therefore recommended that where the string or soffit is exposed to view, these surfaces are either plastered or dry lined. The standard detail for balustrades is to post-fix on site to the stringer.


  • Inherent fire resistance and excellent sound reduction qualities
  • Factory manufactured for improved consistency, accuracy and quality


  • No propping or expensive formwork
  • Immediate safe access for follow-on trades
  • Increased speed of build
  • Suitable for all construction types, in all sectors


  • All precast concrete products and processes comply with relevant standards and are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001
  • Stair components are CE marked against BS EN 14843
  • Accredited to BS EN 14001 and BES 6001 responsible sourcing


  • Available nationwide either supply only or supply and install
  • Design support provided from concept through to project completion