Aquaflow Suds system

Ever changing weather systems, increasing urbanisation and rapid run-off have put a tremendous strain on conventional storm water drainage systems, resulting in sewers and culverts becoming overloaded and contamination of streams and rivers.

SuDS help prevent flooding by replicating natural systems and processes to drain surface water. Collected storm water is stored before being slowly released back, either into water bodies or directly into the ground.

Aquaflow SuDs

Formpave’s Aquaflow SuDS are available in two different types, depending on requirements. The infiltration system allows rainwater to be filtered and cleaned before being percolated into the ground. Attenuation (tanked) systems, allow water to be collected and released into watercourses. Or alternatively can be used in conjunction with rain water harvesting systems greatly reducing the water consumption requirements. Both the Aquaflow infiltration and attenuation systems can be used on trafficked and pedestrianized areas.

Aquaflow infiltration system

The Aquaflow infiltration system is the perfect means of utilising hard surfaced areas as a sustainable drainage solution. It consists of a permeable paving surface on top of a graded stone laying course. Upper and lower layers of Inbitex Geotextile are used for separation, filtration and pollution control. The system uses a graded sub-base stone that allows storage and dissipation of collected storm water into the ground. This system can be used on domestic and commercial projects.

Aquaflow attenuation system

The Aquaflow Attenuation system consists of a permeable paving surface on top of a graded stone laying course. An upper layer of Inbitex Geotextile is used for separation, filtration and pollution control. Next is a graded sub-base stone that allows storage of collected storm water. This is sealed by an impervious membrane creating a tank within the excavation. The collected storm water is then released at a controlled rate to the watercourse or can be reused in conjunction with rain water harvesting systems. This system can be used on domestic and commercial projects.

Advantages of our Aquaflow system

Formpave is the prime innovator in developing SuDS, with the patented Aquaflow system. Specifying an Aquaflow system within your project gives you.


Aquaflow from Formpave is capable of dispersing up to 4500mm of run-off per m2/ph. The Aquaflow system is patented, using a well-researched set of components, The patented grid provides enhanced ground-stabilisation which allows reduced excavation. Geotextile membrane – Inbitex Geotextile removes harmful pollutants and hydrocarbons cleaning the collected storm water for reuse or direct infiltration.

Reduced Cost

The combination of tried and tested components reduce overall construction costs. Excavations can typically be 35% less than alternative permeable paving systems.

Testing and validation

Coventry University and other independent parties.

Bespoke Design Service

Our Design Team will work with you to provide a bespoke design for your project, ensuring high performance cost effective drainage solutions.


All projects created by our Design Team and constructed using the correct materials are supplied with a six-year warranty.


The Aquaflow system is fully CE marked, and is manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 conditions. The system is also BBA (British Board of Agrement) accredited.

Aquaflow SuDs design service

Formpave offers a comprehensive bespoke aquaflow design service free of charge to engineers, architects and contractors.

Provided by our in-house team of specialist engineers it includes technical and professional advice, preparation of draft proposals, and validation of client’s own designs. All drawings provided by Formpave are protected by copyright and should not be duplicated without permission.

Projects that have used our design service and installed the correct materials throughout benefit from a six-year warranty, our 20 years’ experience in designing permeable block systems and are covered by our professional indemnity insurance for 12 years.

Aquaflow SuDs Systems - Design services from Formpave a Forterra brand

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