1. 1 Access opening
  2. 2 End wall
  3. 3 Dry weather flow channel
  4. 4 Joint material
  5. 5 Bitumen waterproof coating (optional)
  6. 6 Standard unit
  7. 7 Pipe opening
  8. 8 Bedding material

System Overview

Bison Precast Box Culverts are designed and manufactured for each individual project to meet the specific scheme requirements.
Our in-house design team are on hand to provide immediate guidance and information where required to optimise the design to provide the most economical solution. For over 50 years Bison Precast Box Culverts have been widely used in the following applications:

In its simplest form the box culvert system will comprise of straight units with no access or pipe openings. For longer runs of culvert, special units can be included which incorporate access openings and pipe openings. 

The system can be further adapted with special units with end walls to create attenuation tanks. In addition to the above, gradual changes in direction can be incorporated with skewed units.

Bison Precast Box Culverts are available in a wide and extensive range of sizes from 1000mm x 600mm to 6000mm x 3600mm.

Non-standard sizes and internal profiles can also be provided including shaped inverts, dry weather flow channels and units with cross over channels.

  CE certificate

Box Culvert Applications

Watercourse Diversions
Attenuation Tanks
Road Crossing
Multi-cell Construction
Pipe Replacement
Pedestrian and Vehicle Subways
Sea Outfalls
Escape Tunnels

Service Tunnels
Pumping Stations
CSO Chambers
Mammal Crossings
Conveyor Protection
Basement Solutions

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