The Performance

Fire Safe

The SureBrick system is tested and certified as A1 non-combustible meaning that the system is fire safe and there is no need for additional project specific testing.

Risk Free
SureBrick’s mechanical clipping system means that it is completely safe on site. The body of the brick is accurately profiled so that it clips into the metal rails which are mechanically fixed back to the supporting structure.

This approach also ensures SureBrick can be relied upon to deliver maximum performance for many years – backed by extensive testing and BBA certified.

SureBrick has vast appeal for projects involving complex façade designs, and the testing has to reflect this reality. Where some systems have only tested a basic façade, SureBrick test certification incorporates numerous architectural system variances.

This rigorous and comprehensive testing includes:

Hygrothermal - Heat Rain Cycles

Hygrothermal - Heat Cold Cycles

Hygrothermal - Extended Freeze Thaw Cycles



Fire - Material classification

Wind Load Resistance

Deflection - Serviceability & safety

Fixing - Pull-through rail, perpendicular and shear

Brick - Pull-out of rail

Impact - Soft and hard body

Corrosion - Salt Fog Exposure

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* Based on the system incorporating 22mm thick slips, including pointing.
† No defects were noted following the 3J tests with either brick.
At 10J minor cracks were noted on some extruded bricks.
†† Minimum average performance recorded following weathering.
** Minimum average performance recorded.
∆ Risk category low.
ß Additional 12 month accelerated salt solution testing has also been completed.

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