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The Patented System Combining SuDS with
Ground Source Heat Pump Technology

Thermapave from Formpave is the sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) that provides a source of sustainable energy incorporating Ground Source Heat Pump Technology (GSHP).

Thermapave lets you easily create a green energy source. It’s ideal for developers building small residential schemes or commercial developments - turning your SuDS system into a revenue generation opportunity or a clear buyer benefit in the residential market.

Thermapave can: 

  • Provide low cost energy for your tenants or buyers
    - making your development more attractive

  • Help you achieve a higher BREEAM rating and
    improve your eco credentials 

  • Eliminate your reliance on the gas network

  • Generate income through the

    Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme

    (for non-residential developers)

How Thermapave GSHP
Technology Works

The Thermapave system harvests rainwater providing a highly efficient and sustainable energy source for a GSHP whilst mitigating flood risks.

The naturally occurring heat below the ground is captured by Thermapave to efficiently heat homes or commercial premises.

GSHP Technology:

  • doesn’t burn fossil fuels

  • has low running costs 

  • is environmentally-friendly (the only system of its kind endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust)

  • is around 400% more energy efficient than gas

  • produces no on-site carbon emissions

The Thermapave system gives developers all the benefits of Forterra’s leading sustainable drainage system AND all the energy benefits of a ground source heat pump.

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