List no. 665 Firebricks


Forterra’s dedicated ceramic firebricks are extremely versatile. Able to withstand high temperatures, they are perfect for use in applications such as kilns, furnaces and fireplaces. Because they are fired at higher temperatures than standard clay bricks, ceramic firebricks are denser, which makes them highly resistant to abrasion. They also possess a far lower thermal conductivity so as to prevent the transfer of heat, while their higher thermal mass enables heat to be retained and then radiated back once the heat source has been extinguished.

Available in a variety of heights, firebricks are manufactured at Forterra’s Red Bank factory, which also produces a variety of chimney, roofing and flue systems alongside bespoke tiles, pots and finials.

Length Width Height Weight Description
(mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
225 112 25 1.5 225x112 5x25mm Firebrick - Buff
225 112 40 2.0 225x112 5x40mm Firebrick - Buff
225 112 50 2.8 225x112 5x50mm Firebrick - Buff
225 112 65 3.7 225x112 5x65mm Firebrick - Buff
225 112 75 4.1 225x112 5x75mm Firebrick - Buff

Colours: BU - Buff

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