Case Study: Burton Joyce

Case study Burton Joyce

Architect: Storske Developments

Brick Type: Oakthorpe Buff Brick

Location: Nottingham

Sector: Residential

Main Contractor: Storske Developments

Forterra’s Oakthorpe Buff brick has been used to create a stunning contemporary home in Burton Joyce, Nottingham.

Storske Developments

Brick Type
Oakthorpe Buff Brick



Main Contractor
Storske Developments

• Oakthorpe Buff

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Designed and developed by Storske Developments, the luxury £1 million new build property is a wonderful example of modern architecture and has been built to the highest quality using carefully selected and sourced materials.

The use and choice of brickwork was an essential element of the design and it was vital that the brick chosen worked with the blend of architecture used.

The new three-storey house has been built on the site of a small bungalow and Forterra’s Oakthorpe Buff brick was chosen to reflect the previous property and preserve its heritage. The brick’s creamy beige hues complement the wooded surroundings and its slightly irregular shape and texture replicate the appearance of hand-made bricks and reflect the exclusivity of this one-off development.

The central turret of the house uses a band of three rows of protruding bricks as an interesting design feature and a single row of protruding bricks also frames each window. The external steps have all been created using the same brick and finished with granite to match the patio at the rear of the property.

The design of the house lends itself to the topography. The sloping plot has allowed for terraced gardens and a large circular retaining wall, faced in Oakthorpe Buff to match the rest of the development, provides a stunning feature while creating a practical, flat lawn.

The simple, clean lines coupled with the use of a limited number of building materials has created a stunning property that offers six bedrooms, five bathrooms and four reception rooms.

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