Dimensions, flow area & discharge rates

Flow area m2 Discharge rate m3/s


1. The standard range of box culverts generally have flat inverts and 190mm corner splays up to 4800mm span and 225mm splays from 5100mm to 6000mm span and a maximum length of 2m.

2. Sizes other than those stated can be manufactured to suit customer requirements.

3. Special internal profiles, shaped inverts and dry weather flow channels can be produced and are available on request.

4. Tapered units for bends, units with manhole openings and pipe access holes are available on request.

5. All box culverts are manufactured to order and to the specific required design criteria, the external loading conditions will govern the wall, roof and floor thickness, unit length and reinforcement content.

6. Joints are a standard rebate within the wall of the unit and the box culverts can be jointed using sealant strip to provide a seal and flexible joint if required.

7. Special insert pins are cast in to each box culvert to enable them to be lifted. 

Please size by span x height. All dimensions are internal.

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